About Us

   Shanghai YuanLong FRPCo.,Ltd.former Shanghai CNITC FRPCo.,Ltd.was foundedin December 1993. It is  the Shanghai hightech enterprise and the standing council member of China FRP  Industrial  Association. YuanLong hasbeen  awarded Quality System  Certificatefor compliance  with  the  standard  ISO9001:2008 by  China  Quality Certification Center and  been approved  for self-running import  &  export  in October September 2003

 Shanghai YuanLong FRP co.,Ltd. specializes  in:research,development andtransferof pultrusion technology, designing, manufacturing  and   sales of pultrusion equipment as well as pultruded composite products.

   ShanghaiYuanLong FRPCo,.Ltdusingfiberglassroving and  continuous  stand mat asresins,etc.as   matrix  materials ,applying  advanced technique   and  equipments,  produces  various pultruded profiles with  which structural,  platforms,railing,tent racks  and so on are processed.Due to the properties of lightweight, high strength  and   corrosion resistance, our  products  are widely used in  petroleum recovering, nonferrous metallurgy,  electrical  isolation and recreation industry.

   Shanghai YuanLong FRP Co. ,Ltd  located HUTAI road  Lane 5008  #288 SHANGHAI CHINA, covering 1500 square meters, composing  of 16 product lines and more than 1000sets of dies.

  Typical product the pultruded FRP gratings produced by Shanghai YuanLong FRP Co,.Ltd. have been used on the front and back deck and helicprotecting.board of No.3 Exploration Petro platform  which isdesigned and  make by China.These products  above have become domestic pultrusion products application model and become Chinaengineering construction recommend products.Company's  pultrusion  techniques  and products won the gold medal at the third,fifth Shanghai technology exposition and the ninth China patent of new technology and new products exposition.
  Keeping the idea of pursuing perfection,  YuanLong dedicates   itself to improve   the technique,  products   and services so as to realize continuous development and create a glorious future for pultrusion industry together with the people of this field home and abroad